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Customized Solar Power For Your Budget & Needs

Most people know that solar power is friendlier to their finances and the environment, but they often balk at the expected hassle of having their own solar system installed. At Solar By Nature Inc., we’re excited to show you just how easy it is to integrate solar into your home or business in Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Have Peace of Mind

No matter how simple or complex of a system your structure requires, our solar company handles all steps of the process while allowing you to enjoy peace of mind:

  • Design approval
  • Permits and paperwork
  • Ordering of solar system equipment
  • Installation of solar system equipment
  • City inspection approval and interconnection

With years of solar installation experience, we are the premier installer in the Carolina’s for short term and long-term renewable energy solutions. We are here for you!

Add Value to Your Home & Business

Installing solar actually makes homes more valuable, and if you run a business, “going green” with solar is an incredible way to lower energy costs while capitalizing on great public relations. In our environmentally conscious community, one of the smartest things you can do is show your customers that you care about the well-being of the planet.

Enjoy the Tax Benefits

In addition to enjoying a boost in reputation, efficiency, and value, solar power can give you great tax benefits. In North Carolina, you can use the federal incentive, which covers 30% of the gross cost. In South Carolina, you have the rare advantage of combining both state and federal tax incentives for solar power, which adds up to 55% of the gross cost of your new system!

When you choose SBN, you can expect great efficiency and value in your home or business. You’ll also enjoy the expertise and attention to detail that only our experienced team can provide. Contact us to get started!

We offer services to the Gastonia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina area.

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