Save 15-25% On Your Energy Bills

Installing solar panels on your home is just the tip of the iceberg. Reduce the amount your HVAC system runs — further decreasing your energy use — with a blow-in insulation application. Installing insulation will keep your cool, air-conditioned air or heated air inside and outdoor air out where it belongs. Additionally, you can enjoy a reduction in outside noise and an increase in fire resistance.

Blow-In Insulation Application Benefits:

  • Tightly seals cracks and crevices prone to air leakage
  • Insulates uniquely-shaped spaces
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Decreases outside noise
  • Ups fire resistance
  • Is moisture resistant — prevents mold, odor, and rot

Blow-In Insulation Application: Lower Heating & Cooling Costs

Though modern homes are built with precision and advanced materials, they still can have many areas prone to air leaks. Areas in atics that tend to cause air leakage include:

  • Cracks and crevices
  • Areas around beams and pipes
  • Irregularly shaped spaces

Though a small crack in the wall may not seem of big significance, it and others can significantly affect the energy efficiency of your home, causing your HVAC system to work even harder to maintain the desired temperature of your home. A blow-in insulation application can fill in the literal gaps, keeping outdoor temperatures outside where they belong.

How Is This Different From Traditional Insulation?

Traditional insulation that comes in the form of rolled batting does a lot to keep your home at the desired temperature as well as reduce outside noise. However, it can’t fill the holes, crevices, and oddly shaped spaces like blown-in insulation can. Why? Blow-in insulation pieces are smaller and can fill in those tiny, oddly shaped spaces, and it can easily create a seamless blanket of insulation that will fill in all the gaps. What’s more, this insulation application is mold, odor, rot, and fire resistant.

Should I Invest in a Blow-In Insulation Application

The number of options for making your as home energy efficient as possible can make the process seem daunting. We at Solar By Nature do our best to take the complications and overwhelming feelings  out of the equation when you are making your home in North and South Carolina energy efficient. To learn if your home could benefit from this treatment, contact us for a free quote! We service the Gastonia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and South Carolina area.